16TH - 24TH NOVEMBER, 2017

Lyora Pissarro – ‘CMD-Z’ , April 2017

Lyora Pisarro

Using an orchestra of images, Cmd-Z creates a visual symphony of symbols and references that toy with the viewer’s perception of reality. In today’s remix culture and in the era of Photoshop, never has it been so easy to manipulate images, and yet never have images been so powerful and persuasive. Advertising, TV, social media, body cameras, memes: we live in a hyper-visual world that challenges the public’s ability to decipher fact from fiction. By overtly playing with practices of referencing, cross-referencing, collage and superimposition I hope to confront you with the dizzying complexity of perception.

Using the Cloud as folder, the screen as canvas and the wall as presentation. Some images you will recognize more than others, but like the mythological story of Penelope who unravels the weave of her experience, you are invited to deconstruct your own interpretations.

Opening reception and drinks: Friday April 14th 2017 from 6 – 9 pm
Location: 1 Grattan Street, Brooklyn NY 11206